[ubuntu-studio-devel] Package Selection for Yakketi Yak

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Mon Apr 25 18:51:47 UTC 2016

Kdenlive just keeps getting better and better. Version 16.04 just came out
with all the features of 15.12 and a whole lot more. The last round of updates
apparently was guided by some professional video makers in terms of features
added.  By the time Yakkety comes out 16.08 will be out, development is 

On 4/25/2016 at 2:49 PM, "Len Ovens" <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:
>On Mon, 25 Apr 2016, Set Hallstrom wrote:
>> I think we should be looking at our video sequencers. I just got 
>this link 
>> from zequence:
>> that states: "No duplication of tools: If two applications do 
>the same exact 
>> thing, only one of them should be included."
>> Atm we have 4 video sequencers:
>> Blender, Kdenliv, Pitivi and openshots.
>> Blender does quite a lot of things that non of the other 3 does, 
>so it is not 
>> up for removal. I always got the feeling that kdenlive is a more 
>complete and
>Blender also fills another spot in graphics (3d creation) and so 
>for that as well. However the learning curve is high and so there 
>other choices.
>> professional VSE than pitivi and openshots. I wanted to state 
>that there 
>> would be a choice between the 2 basic VSE's that are good for 
>> openshots and pitivi, but it seems pitivi has come a long way 
>lately. Perhaps 
>> that means it would be good to keep openshot for beginners, and 
>put our 
>> choice between kdelive en pitivi?
>If there is something that can fill the spot that kdenlive, That 
>would be 
>a good choice. If it was possible to not have KDE apps at all that 
>be preferable, but including them because there is nothing else as 
>good is 
>better than picking second best.
>Video is not my area (at least video editing) as I don't do enough 
>of it.
>Len Ovens
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