[ubuntu-studio-devel] One week until xenial final relase "Ardour"

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sat Apr 16 14:21:23 UTC 2016

On Sat, 16 Apr 2016, Grant Frank Burton wrote:

> Greetings All
> Right after the install the first time I open Ardour, The option to open an
> existing file was NOT there.
> Is that a Bug or was it intentional? 

I have not tested that exact thing. It is true that A4 uses a different 
config directory than A3 does, so recent projects will not be displayed 
unless the option to use A3 config is used. So to open an old project 
menas finding the *.ardour file.

> I recorded a track using the line-in and guitar..... fine. But when I went to
> record a second track there was no way to rehearse-monitor-audition the track,
> the only way to hear it was to record.
> So I guess the the bug is NO rehearse-monitor-audition?

Do you have the mixer window open? or the mixer strip showing in the 
editer window? In the mixer, to the right of the record enable button 
there are two buttons I and D (input and disk) that will override auto 
selection. Try pressing the I to audition the input.

> I tried opening up other projects I recorded. they seem to play ok but.... if I
> add a new track, the volume will be super loud. But if I turn it down the volume
> will be too low to record so I need to adjust the sound while I'm recording,
> delete the track and recorded it again.

See above and make sure you are not double routing the same input via two 

> even when I make a new session and import the audio from another project... if I
> add a new track, the volume will be super loud. But if I turn it down the volume
> will be too low to record so I need to adjust the sound while I'm recording,
> delete the track and recorded it again.

Same as above. I have not seen this at all. By the way, the transport does 
not have to be rolling for record to be engaged.

> the line-in and MIC plugs or jacks. what ever one I going to use, I need to plug
> it in before I start Ardour. If I touch any of them, I get a high pitch noise and
> the only way to get rid of it is to restart jack and Ardour.

Sounds like faulty routing. I do not have this problem at all. If you need 
help with routing, IRC is the best place. You can upload what you see to a 
paste site (picpaste.com for example) and someone else can see what you 
have and suggest changes. Trouble shooting via email is is painful.

> the metronome... I can't play with that thing. when I need it.... I record a
> track using the metronome from my keyboard or guitar pedal.

That does not describe your problem. I do know it is possible to replace 
the wav used in the metronome though.

> I have Studio 14 with Ardour 3 on another disk. It works fine except... 
> rehearse-monitor-audition is on all the time which is ok by me..... just don't
> understand why there is a button to turn it on and off that don't work.

A3 had a lot of problems and yes A4 has a lot of changes from there 
(thousands of changes)

> And sometimes when I'm recording out of nowhere a location Marker will appear in
> my project.

Red maybe? it is marking audio xruns for you.

All of the things you describe appear to me to be how ardour is being 
used. If they are bugs they are ardour bugs, not Studio bugs. Ardour is 
in constant development.

https://github.com/Ardour/ardour/commits/master shows the changes from 
latest and back. The lead dev is on holidays just now and has been working 
on a branch, so you are only seeing about half the activity just now.

Ubuntustudio 16.04 is now locked at Ardour 4.6 and is unlikely to be 
changed before release. If you wish the latest and greatest or you wish to 
discuss changes with the devs. I would suggest subscribing so you can 
download the nightly build or newer versions (4.7 has been out for a few 
months now).

The ardour development team will not be willing to talk to you about fixes 
for 4.6, the first thing they will ask you to do is install the nightly 
and see if the bug is still there. You can download a demo version of the 
nightly (works for 10 minutes then goes silent with pop up for longer), 
but subscription is very cheap (minimum $1/month) and gets you online 
support... including usage. There are also two PPAs that have newer 
versions of Ardour available.

The version that comes with Ubuntustudio 16.04 is 4.6 and will stay that 
way for the life of 16.04. To keep up with Ardour release schedule you 
need to either subscribe at Ardour.org or you need use Dobey's PPA (I 
think kxstudio is still based on 14.04, but that will change within the 
next month or so)

Len Ovens

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