[ubuntu-studio-devel] Feature Spec Discussion: Desktop Agnostic

Jimmy Sjölund jimmy at sjolund.se
Tue Sep 1 06:48:37 UTC 2015

On Tuesday, September 1, 2015, Timo Jyrinki <timo.jyrinki at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2015-09-01 1:15 GMT+03:00 Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks.net <javascript:;>>:
> > on all flavours... well maybe not Unity (actually I think I did, but
> > disliked it so much, I gave up), Unity is a beautiful experience and
> > entertaining, but does not make "work" as easy for me.
> It depends on the user, but for me it has been the most suitable for
> work. The first reason it gives the biggest amount of screen space to
> the apps which I like, and the second reason is that the Super + 1-9
> hotkeys are enough for me to quickly start + switch between key apps
> dragged to the launcher. Super + F for recent files/file search and
> Ctrl + Super + Arrows and Super + W/S for window manipulation complete
> the set of what I usually use. Another flexibility is that it using
> Compiz means it's pretty customizable (aside from the usual woes of
> lack of Unity specific location settings), for example one could set
> certain apps to always start to certain workspace etc.
> But, it depends, like said. For some/many users it's seen as clunky UI
> that's mouse driven but meant for touch screens from design
> perspective. In my opinion that's only the surface.
> -Timo
> Funny how people are different. I use den, for the same reasons you
specified above, which probably is on the other end of the scale.

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