[ubuntu-studio-devel] Ubuntu Studio - Application Testing

Ross Gammon retail at the-gammons.net
Mon Nov 23 19:29:20 UTC 2015

Hi All,

In the few days since I "recklessly" volunteered to be the Testing Team
Lead, I have been looking at the Release Schedule and re-looking at
the plans we had for Application Testing.

As Kaj says, the best time to be testing applications is from the Debian
Import Freeze up to the first Beta (end Feb 2016). This is so that we
can check that the version imported from Debian works, and have time to
do something about any bugs before the Final Release in April 2016.

So here is where you can help!

I think we need to start writing test cases straight away, so that we
can ask flocculant to create a tracker to list all our test cases (or
add them to the existing list of packages on the tracker at
http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/) sometime before February 2016.

There is a list of packages, and bugs requesting the test cases here:
So feel free to pick a package (maybe one of your favourites) and begin
drafting a test case. You can either follow the processes linked on that
page, or just send me a text file (or here to the list), and I will take
it from there.

Basically the test case needs:
1. A short description of the test (1 sentence or so)
2. Any remarks (e.g. where to download a known file to work with, or how
to check your system is correctly set up).
3a. Action sentences (e.g. Click on the "Open File" icon).
3b. A matching result (e.g. File Selection Window opens).

We should try and keep the test cases fairly short, and only test that
the program runs, you can open and save files, do basic editing &
creation, and output the creation as applicable. See package qa tracker
for examples.

It would be great if we could all pick a package (or three) that we know
and love, so that we quickly build up a portfolio of tests. Although it
is possible, doing a test case for a package you don't know very well
can take a lot of time.

Over the next days, I will be checking the list of packages is up to
date, and updating the priority column to focus on a small number of
important applications. And then I will get kicking from where I left
off last time!


PS: Please ask questions if you get stuck

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