[ubuntu-studio-devel] Mailing etiquette - Was: Re : ubuntu-studio-devel Digest, Vol 103, Issue 5

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sat Nov 7 14:07:21 UTC 2015


please consider to pay attention on your style of email replies.

At the top of a digest you can seemingly read

"When replying, please edit your Subject line so it is more specific
than "Re: Contents of ubuntu-studio-devel digest...""

If you subscribe to
at top there is the sentence

"Please read community.ubuntu.com/contribute/support/mailinglists/
about mailing etiquette."

This links to


"[snip] Write your email underneath the email which you are replying to
 [snip] remove any unnecessary text
 [snip] Avoid sending emails in HTML format
 [snip] When replying to messages, use [snip] Reply To List function
 [snip] When starting a new subject, do not reply to a previous email
 [snip] Replying to digest emails breaks the threading [1]
[1] Solvable by using MIME Digest

It's also common that at least one subscriber from this list writes
replies inside the quoted text.

>IOW the reply looks like this. But only quotes should look like this.

Please, if you are an official Ubuntu Studio developer or even if you
are just a power user who want's to contribute (I'm just the later),
consider to handle this mailing list in a way that is expected even
from noobs on averaged user mailing lists.

IOW don't send duplicates of empty "replies" that just quote the
digest, don't reply within the quoted mail you reply, don't top post

I'm still willing to contribute to Ubuntu flavours (help to edit
Wikis, help less experienced users with support etc.), but I won't
become member of a team. OTOH, if a developers mailing list becomes a
mess, that at best is used for bikeshedding and replies that don't
fulfil even the simplest mailing list rules, then I consider a flavour
as already dead.

The petition for contributors should at least mention, that a minimum
level of will is required to contribute, such as the will to follow
common mailing list rules and the ability to handle the used mail user

My intention isn't to sound harsh, I want to point out that it is not
useful to contribute with euphoria only, while ignoring common
community behaviour.


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