[ubuntu-studio-devel] ubuntustudio-menu feature definition updated

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Wed May 20 09:57:59 UTC 2015

I added the remark that a sub-category does not need to be a sub-menu.

Also, I took some liberty in this latest update in how I added stuff. It
is sort of inline with what has been discussed so far.

ADDITIONS: (we can always remove stuff later)
 * "Utilities" for "Audio", "Graphics" and "Video" (a freedesktop
 category, but not a subcategory)
 * "Players" for "Audio" and "Video" (freedesktop subcategory for audio
 and video)
 * "DAW" for audio (this is my proposal - instead of editor, or
 recorder, since DAW does it all)
 * "Editors" for video (this is also my proposal)

 * "mixers and sound control" shortened to "mixers"

How about Video streaming, screencasting, that sort of thing? Aren't we
missing some important categories for video?

The core tools for audio, for controlling jack, etc. These do not seem
like tools to be included in a generic "utilities" category, since they
truly are core functions for the audio workflow. How should we deal with

And remember: the work we do is not only for the applications we
distribute in a default installation of Ubuntu Studio, but in the long
run for all of Debian. That is the perspective we must have, when
setting up the menu.
As is now, many applications that we do not distribute are showing up in
the regular AudioVideo menu. This is because we are customizing
everything, and not standardizing - which I think we really should be

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