[ubuntu-studio-devel] Our Set of Freedesktop Categories, WAS:Re: Feature Definition Discussion: Multimedia Application Categorization

Set Hallstrom sakrecoer at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 11:37:16 UTC 2015

On 2015-06-23 12:32, Kaj Ailomaa wrote:

> I just meant that you are better at deciding all of those things. 

:) ok *blush* i will do my best to face those expectations with dignity.

> Yes, I gathered as much. I will remove it, since I don't think anyone
> actually asked to have it there.
> For video I know a few applications that may be regarded as utility
> applications, and not just system tools. So, I will keep that one for
> now. For audio, I think it is clear that there are quite a few utility
> type applications.

Actualy, maybe it's a good idea. I was looking closer at the graphics
software list and these seem like good candidate for a X-GraphicsUtility
category :

Agave (color helper tool)
ImageMagick (viewer)
Ristretto (viewer)
Entangle (wireless camera management)
Rapid Photo Downloader (memory card/ management)
Phatch Image inspektor (batch foto processing)
Phatch PHoto bATCH processor (batch foto processing)
Font Manager  (ehm.. font management)

FontManager probably fits better in the typography category tho... But
there is a total of 7 of them in graphics, unless i missed something...

Set Hallstrom
AKA Sakrecoer

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