[ubuntu-studio-devel] Missing feature & desktop recording

lukefromdc at hushmail.com lukefromdc at hushmail.com
Wed Jun 3 17:44:51 UTC 2015

I've sometimes had issues with RecordMyDesktop dropping the last part
of the video file. Workaround is to let it run about 1 1/2 times the amount
of time you actually need to record.  I was still using the Cinnamon DE 
when I last tested this, wonder if that was the issue? I know RecordMyDesktop
pops up warnings/statements when run with compiz, wonder if there were
worse issues in mutter/muffin?

If RecordMyDesktop gives good results in XFCE or otherwise with compositing
turned off, that might be the best workaround.  If it does I might want to test
it with every DE I have to measure how much of the video file it actually gets.

On 6/3/2015 at 12:38 PM, "ttoine" <ttoine at ttoine.net> wrote:
>I don't have any issue with RecordMyDesktop with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. 
>that yes, you have to wait a bit to get the video).
>An other solution to get the stream of Webcam or Firewire or any 
>video source, is to use Open Broadcaster Software 
>and record instead of stream. However, you have to add a PPA at 
>the moment
>to install it. And of course, VLC is also a good solution, however 
>it does
>not capture the mouse pointer.
>Antoine THOMAS
>Tél: 0663137906
>2015-06-03 17:14 GMT+02:00 Kaj Ailomaa <zequence at mousike.me>:
>> On Wed, Jun 3, 2015, at 04:33 PM, Grant Frank Burton wrote:
>> > It would be nice if there was a video capture feature/VCR 
>independent of
>> > any program.
>> > I tried to make a video with RecordMyDesktop but…. The select 
>> > feature..... you can't see the lines and it works really 
>funny. Also the
>> > sound is a few seconds behind the video and it takes a long 
>time to
>> > process
>> > the video.
>> >
>> > Kazam works great and the video is ready in less then a minute 
>and you
>> > can
>> > save it or open it up with your favorite program.
>> >
>> > It would be great if Kazam could connect to webcam, firewire 
>or TV
>> >
>> Thanks
>> I'm making a note of that here
>> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio-
>> .
>> This is where we currently make suggestions to changes for our 
>> meta package.
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