[ubuntu-studio-devel] Ardour

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Wed Jul 1 13:29:56 UTC 2015

On Wed, 1 Jul 2015, Grant Frank Burton wrote:

> greetings All
> Wily was working so good in Kdenlive that i decide to try Ardour.
> Most of the song I have recorded I can't open the file. The only files I can open
> are the ones where I didn't use effects or patches. 

Calf effects by chance? I think debian/ubuntu needs to get the latest calf 
from git to fix that one.

> Question
> Do you think this will get better in future versions? 

I sure hope so. The size of our testing team is an issue with that, but 
also knowing what the cause is. So it can be fixed. If you are using the 
Calf EQ, I would suggest rather the eq10q (or eq6q) or the x48 4band eq as 
the Calf eq can't be automated right now, only used with the GUI. (even 
from git)

I am not sure what version of Ardour Wily ships. Ardour 4.1 is out and I 
think Ardour 4.0.0 is packaged in debian as "Ardour3". Ardour is still 
moving quite quickly development wise, git is already almost 300 changes 
since 4.1 was released.

Len Ovens

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