[ubuntu-studio-devel] Wallpaper contest

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Mon Dec 21 15:03:08 UTC 2015

On Mon, 21 Dec 2015, C. F. Howlett wrote:

> I have looked at the art work produced for the other derivatives, and I admit 
> to a great deal of envy for ubuntukylin's design and prodigious output.

> I am unconvinced that we are fully obligated to comply with Canonical Design 
> requirements sole exception being logo use.  As it happens, I have the 
> *official* ubuntustudio logos released by Ubuntu Design.  I would like to 
> upload them to the bzr site, but I have yet to figure out the method.

Ubuntu design requirements I am not so sure about. I the past we have 
varried in some ways. But the last few backdrops, at least the default 
ones, have tried to be both nice and _unobtrusive_. That is there has been 
a feeling that the backdrop should not get in the way of real work or be 
distracting in any way. Now that we have a few more people, more opinions 
on that could be voiced. On my personal machine I have replaced the 
backdrop with a picture of my son on the beach (in winter) on one screen 
and a large harbour tug on the other. Both pictures are quite busy but 
have not been a distraction to doing real work. I would suggest that any 
distracting will go away with use. That is a person will get used to 
almost anything in a very short time.

Of note in my use, I do not show any icons on my desktop as I find that 
operating method means I have to move windows to find the icons. Others 
may want a desktop that does not camouflage the icons.

The other feeling is that we would like Studio with the default backdrop 
to look "right" or "acceptable" in any bussiness setting. For example a 
store front portrait studio that takes family pictures. No one should feel 
they have to hide the backdrop while they are trying it out at their 
bussiness. I am sure any such place would replace the backdrop with their 
own logo anyway.

> As regards the photography rules, I suggest that as a dedicated OS for *art 
> creation*, we have a wide discretion and latitude. I am not suggesting a 
> photographic free-for-all, but I submit that imposing restraining rules on 
> creative output is somewhat contradictory.

I would agree with shipping a much wider variety than we do. I would also 
like to have backdrops that are only one workflow in content for those who 
are using Studio solely for photography for example.

I would love to see a back drop dedicated to each workflow so that a user 
can install Studio as a graphics station or a photography station and have 
it look dedicated to that workflow.

In fact it would be wonderful though 
probably not possible to set things up so that if the user only installed 
one workflow, that backdrop would show as default... Can we have a an 
install page right after the install choices page that allows the user to 
select "I will be using this as a <workflow> workstation." That selects 
the default backdrop and perhaps any system settings that apply to that 

Please note, These are ideas and art is not my thing, so I am making these 
suggestions with the knowlage that I will not be supplying any backdrops. 
(I will not be doing the actual work)

Another thought just hit me, Can we divide the backdrop into sections with 
a uniform background and add a work flow theme to just a portion such that 
each workflow will be assigned a particular area and if any one workflow 
is installed, their part will be merged into the default backdrop at 
install time. For example, someone installs photography and graphics... 
then the lower left corner might have artwork for graphics and the upper 
right would have artwork for photography. Audio and video could be top 
left and bottom right so that if everything is installed they would all 
have a place. I have tried to imagine which two are most likey to be 
installed together and have the whole screen look balanced :)  This would 
require a settings package for each workflow and a script to crete the 
backdrop... and someone to maintain it. It might mean shipping a graphics 
utility outside the graphics workflow as well. It might be outside the 
general direction Studio is taking.

> So: questions.  Do we / should we have a wiki page?  We have had a community 
> art page in the past, but it seems to be defunct.  Should we resurrect it?

A community art page is good to have. There have been people who are stuck 
on artwork from the past that they feel is just right and does not need to 
be changed. This would be a place they can choose other ideas.

And last but not least... anyone involved in art is likely to use their 
own backdrop to show off their talent rather than default.

Len Ovens

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