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Thu Aug 27 18:09:53 UTC 2015

There is another advantage of going independent: you can decouple
your fate from that of the underlying distro. If something happens to
Canonical (or to Debian) there are more options that way. Same if
the underlying distro makes changes not compatable with your goals.

With Ubuntu now providing only 9 months support for non-LTS releases,
the advantage of Ubuntu over snapshots from Debian Unstable has been
reduced.  Mint went to using the LTS versions only as a base, but that
brings in new issues of old software or backporting to old libraries.

On a related note, due to the issue of Canonical owning the copyrights
to all the varients of the Ubuntu "circle of friends" logo, I created this
new startbutton for my MATE desktops based on changing the color
of the MATE logo to roughly the UbuntuStudio blue. Since I am making 
plans to release  (on archive.org) a set of packages including the themes 
and the hacked mate-gtk3 I use, I figured this was necessary. Debian
packages installable into Wily or Debian Unstable will join the patch
set used for the MATE source and links to the git source to apply them
against. Also my "gtk-bugfix" build of compiz that gives reliable 
compositing with gtk3.16 and later, again as a deb, links to the two
places the source comes from, and instructions for building your own.

Let me know if the icon-theme and gtk theme packages need to be 
renamed from "ubuntustudio-legacy" to something else. I'm sure I 
can come up with something if needed.

On 8/27/2015 at 8:26 AM, "ttoine" <ttoine at ttoine.net> wrote:
>Hey Guys,
>I would like to share an idea I have for some time ago. Seing the 
>of Elementary OS or Linux Mint, both based on Ubuntu, I really 
>think that
>we should create something like that.
>The fact is that we are using a Ubuntu base name (Ubuntu Studio) 
>and we
>have a lot of constraints from Canonical. They are hosting the 
>website, we
>are not allowed to collect donations or make money on 
>merchandising with
>this name, etc. Elementary and Mint can !
>So I am really thinking about creating something based on Ubuntu 
>but with another name. So we could have our own website, our own 
>doc &
>forum, and create a independant community of enthusiasts who 
>produce audio,
>video, grahpic, with free software...
>Also, if what is done is great, it would allow to have 
>partnerships with
>editors like Harrison (Mixbus) or Redshark (Lightwork), or other 
>providing their solution for Ubuntu Linux based distributions.
>My aim is not really to create a business/company. But if we can 
>some money, we can then donate it to developers (Ardour, KXStudio, 
>...), or
>create bounties to fix bugs/issues. If "a lot" of money is coming, 
>we could
>also reward contributors with goodies, pay to go at Linux Audio 
>have a booth at Namm or Musik Messe, etc.
>I know that it may sound like a crazy challenge. What do you think 
>of this
>idea ? Does it inspire you ? Would you have ideas for another name 
>Please let me know.
>Antoine THOMAS
>Tél: 0663137906
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