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ttoine ttoine at ttoine.net
Thu Aug 27 12:27:39 UTC 2015

Hey Guys,

I would like to share an idea I have for some time ago. Seing the success
of Elementary OS or Linux Mint, both based on Ubuntu, I really think that
we should create something like that.

The fact is that we are using a Ubuntu base name (Ubuntu Studio) and we
have a lot of constraints from Canonical. They are hosting the website, we
are not allowed to collect donations or make money on merchandising with
this name, etc. Elementary and Mint can !

So I am really thinking about creating something based on Ubuntu Studio,
but with another name. So we could have our own website, our own doc &
forum, and create a independant community of enthusiasts who produce audio,
video, grahpic, with free software...

Also, if what is done is great, it would allow to have partnerships with
editors like Harrison (Mixbus) or Redshark (Lightwork), or other vendors
providing their solution for Ubuntu Linux based distributions.

My aim is not really to create a business/company. But if we can collect
some money, we can then donate it to developers (Ardour, KXStudio, ...), or
create bounties to fix bugs/issues. If "a lot" of money is coming, we could
also reward contributors with goodies, pay to go at Linux Audio conference,
have a booth at Namm or Musik Messe, etc.

I know that it may sound like a crazy challenge. What do you think of this
idea ? Does it inspire you ? Would you have ideas for another name ?

Please let me know.


Antoine THOMAS
Tél: 0663137906
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