[ubuntu-studio-devel] continued as per request, from IRC

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at mousike.me
Sun Aug 23 09:04:49 UTC 2015

I've added Jimmy and Set to PR and Support. I had missed that Set had
applied for that, so I wasn't ignoring that, sorry.

I'll get you all access to google plus, facebook, and twitter.

Now, I don't know if Set particularly wanted to be a part of this, so
that is up to him.

Please, consider yourselves free to build up anything around PR and
Support. Just take care in not publishing stuff until you have a clear
direction with what you want to achieve with it, and you feel you have
the support of each other, or core members in Ubuntu Studio.

As said before, what we have until now is this:
It's the product of things that started already during the time when
Scott was lead. I haven't done much work on that since.

If you need to create new wiki pages, just write a link to it on the
main page, the sidebar, or where or, or just write the url.
Make sure to always use /UbuntuStudio as base, unless it is something
not specific to Ubuntu Studio.

Example URL: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/<something>
Example wiki link: [[UbuntuStudio/<something> | <something>]]

There are no templates yet for Ubuntu Studio wiki pages - I am intending
to add them shortly.
So, until then, to get the navigational header, and the sidebar, you
will need to use a macro to include them. At the top of the page, add


If you want to edit the side bar, there's a link to editing it directly
on the side bar itself.

That's about all I can think of.

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