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Ross Gammon rossgammon68 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 19:35:16 UTC 2014

On 05/25/2014 12:42 PM, Elfy wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> So I started looking at the packages for the various metas and the
> list of bugs already created for testcases.
> Now, the majority of the applications used for the metas don't mean a
> great deal to me. I /think/ I've got the bulk of them using apt-cache
> show and synaptic ;) but I am in no doubt that things will be missing,
> there that don't need to be. You get the picture.
> What I'd really like is for people to check the wiki [1] I created for
> a few things.
> 1 - do apps with testcase bug missing NEED one - if so please create a
> suitable bug ( a link to the right place is on the wiki)
> 2 - if there is an app on the list - that DOESN'T need a testcase -
> please remove it from the list
> 3 - do apps that have a bug - NEED one - if they don't please mark the
> bug INVALID - if you can't then let me know
> Next - we'll need to try and set some sort of priority for them all.
> I can't do that.
> *Writing testcases*
> This is the crux of the issue, we can create all the lists we want, we
> can create the tracker - but without the testcases that is all
> completely pointless.
> What I would like to know is who can help to write them, they aren't
> particularly complicated to write - but they do need a knowledge of
> the application - I could write a testcase for each one in an hour or
> so - but all you'd be checking is does it start - does it close :)
> So - if you'd like to get involved with pushing this forward - and,
> like me have always wondered how you can contribute as you're not a
> coder, then *now* is your chance.
> It will be a fair bit of work to get them written - but it can be done.
> If that is /you, /reply to this mail and we can make a start.
> If there is a need to do so I can run a quick IRC session on the
> basics of what you'll need to know.
> Any questions feel free to ask.
> Regards
> Elfy
> [1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/TestingTeamPage/Testcases
> -- 
> Ubuntu Forum Council Member
> Xubuntu QA Lead
Hi Elfy,

I hope I can be one of the helping hands here. But as I am pretty new to
doing music stuff with Linux, I hope to use the exercise of doing test
cases to get to know the Ubuntu Studio applications. This will be
combined with a bit of bug triaging, which also helps to identify use
cases that could be test cases (some bug reporters also have unusual use
cases which will be ignored for now ;-) ).

As a first step I have added Audacious to the list of Test Cases. I
found a bug requesting a test case, which is "Fix Released", but it does
not appear in the qatracker yet. The bug pointed me to the relevant lp
branch for the test suite, and I was able to work through it. I would
like to expand the test suite with two more test cases (playing a midi
file & playing a CD).

So I suppose I should submit a new bug against ubuntu-manual-tests
asking for the extra test cases, and then I could merge the existing one
to my own branch & begin working on it?



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