[ubuntu-studio-devel] Another call for an Icon

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Tue Sep 10 19:06:59 UTC 2013

I have been looking at our menu as it sits for 13.10 and thinking that the 
UbuntuStudio info menu icon is right now the same as our distro icon and 
that this might be confusing.

I think that the icon for the main menu in the panel (top bar) should not 
be the same as our info menu. however, because our logo is already round, 
it would probably be just fine if we took that (in it's most current 
version) and put the standard "?" or "!" that most info buttons support. I 
don't know if we can get this done before art freeze or not, but for the 
LTS for sure.


Len Ovens

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