Making Studio work with more than one DE

Len Ovens len at
Wed May 22 21:28:33 UTC 2013

On Wed, May 22, 2013 11:09 am, Eric Hedekar wrote:
> However, what Hartmut may have been trying to state was that this
> is development is probably not the best use of developer's time.

If it is what is within the "developers" capabilities and interests, why not?

remember none of us are paid for any of this. Also think what you would do
if any time you started to work on something as a volunteer and people
told you don't do that do this that you can't do... you would walk away.
We are trying to build this team. We do that by encouraging people in what
they do and the progress they are able to do in the areas they are good
at. This is not a sweatshop.

Len Ovens

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