Making Studio work with more than one DE

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at
Wed May 22 07:25:10 UTC 2013

Am 22.05.2013 07:53, schrieb Len Ovens:
> This is an interesting project.

To be frank: "interesting project" is quite bold a description for
installing more than one DE in Linux. It would be "interesting" though,
if the US-packages would fail to run OK in KDE, Fluxbox UNITY, you name it.

So if you got the time, and if you do not mind please allow me to point
your attention to other things, that my or may not be most interesting too:

Mon May 13 17:50:27 2013: JACK server starting in realtime mode with
priority 10
Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: cannot register object path
"/org/freedesktop/ReserveDevice1/Audio2": A handler is already
registered for /org/freedesktop/ReserveDevice1/Audio2
Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: Failed to acquire device name : Audio2
error : A handler is already registered for
Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: Audio device hw:2 cannot be acquired...
Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: Cannot initialize driver
Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: JackServer::Open failed with -1
Mon May 13 17:50:28 2013: ERROR: Failed to open server

To have a Ubuntu Studio, that can in fact always start Jack on supported
hardware under any DE you like, would indeed be a most interesting thing
to be achieved I dare to think.

best regards


Ahhh: OK, OK: if you can *promise*, that you can make the above
mentioned failed to start kind of thing disappeare for good, I would
provide a nice US-Menu and some documentation too for running US under
KDE. And half a dozen Wallpapers....

> I have xfce, KDE and LXDE and have looked
> at unity. I have seen gnome shell, but need to refresh myself on it.
> Menus first. We have set up a custom menu to organize what threatened to
> become a very long set of apps in multimedia, but also to show the user
> new to art on linux and Ubuntu where the apps might be used and make
> things less confusing. It looks like our content creation menus will work
> fine with xfce(where it was developed), lxde and KDE. I think gnome shell
> also has a menu, though normal operation might not use it. The idea of
> typing categories or parts of app names is the big thing right now. In
> fact this method can be used in all the DEs, though not so easy with
> xfce... an app finder has to be started first. On the other hand Unity
> does not seem to use a menu layout at all. (Not an XDG standard anyway)
> In xfce we have gone beyond just adding workflows by adding some direct
> buttons at the top. I do not think we will be able to do so with the other
> DEs. To be honest maybe we don't need to do that for xfce either as xfce
> progresses.
> So for menus for each DE, I have decided to break the menu into three. I
> start with a menu that belongs to the session. This includes menu edits
> that are unique to that DE. It starts by merging in the stock menu for the
> DE. Then it removes anything that is in the way. Then we merge our
> workflows last.
> This lets the DE authors take care of most of the menu. We only take care
> of the workflow parts. The glue (the file that does the merging) should
> remain pretty static.
> If we need a workflow application, I would suggest that we need it for
> Unity first. Because we will not be able to use a menu for that purpose.
> It is going to be interesting in designing DE metas to just keep enough of
> each DE applets to keep the look and feel the user is choosing that DE
> for.

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