To add to the menus? A meta installer

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Mon Jun 24 02:41:26 UTC 2013

Each version of Mint (except the Debian version) uses repos from the
version of Ubuntu that released about a month before it. Mint 15 "Olivia"
get almost all its packages from Raring, Mint 14 from Quantal, etc.

Mint is in effect a distro-level PPA on top of Ubuntu, from which a very
few packages transform the OS to use Cinnamon, MATE-or even 
XFCE. That version must be very close to Xubuntu except for having 
all codecs, Flash, and Java by default plus their branding and management
packages-and minus Software Center and Ubuntu One (as far as I know).

>I am not sure which set of ubuntu repos mint is using. So long as 
>they are
>using raring and later it would be ok. If they are using something
>earlier, you may have to download at least ubuntustudio-audio as a 
>and install with dpkg. Or manually install the 3 metas it was 
>based on.
>Also some of the apps did not appear in some of the earlier 
>(lots of fun)
>My intent was for using raring and up.
>Len Ovens
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