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Len Ovens len at
Sun Jun 23 20:31:45 UTC 2013

On Sun, June 23, 2013 10:33 am, lukefromdc at wrote:
> How wide a range of systems do you think that can be made to work in?

Work? The word "work" could be deceiving. The installer itself would work
on any ubuntu and any derivative. I am not sure how widespread the tools I
used are outside of that.

> There are a lot of external derivatives of Ubuntu these days (not just
> Mint),

Mint should not be a problem as it uses the same versions (raring, saucy)

> plus there is Debian, which Ubuntu and everything "downstream" from it
> is based.

On debian it will probably work... but it may try to download ubuntu
specific libs where the debian version is already there. Unfortunately the
meta packages will be tied to ubuntu repos. We could include the the metas
as part of the installer program and it would try to download from
whatever repos the system is using. If one of the applications was not
available in that repo, it would not get installed. It would mean
maintaining the internal metas against the repo version. This would mean
that effectively they would end up being different... it's just human

That may be a way to go though. Make it a non-distro specific installer
that installs a set of programs. I don't think it could be made to work

> At some point I will want to try this on a Mint install, as the inverse
> method
> of the meta I have been trying to create. Another project of mine is just
> about
> wrapped up, which will give me more time to work on the Cinnamon meta.

I am not sure which set of ubuntu repos mint is using. So long as they are
using raring and later it would be ok. If they are using something
earlier, you may have to download at least ubuntustudio-audio as a file
and install with dpkg. Or manually install the 3 metas it was based on.
Also some of the apps did not appear in some of the earlier versions.
(lots of fun)

My intent was for using raring and up.

Len Ovens

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