Saucy a mess right now with packages being removed from repos

Len Ovens len at
Sat Jun 15 18:53:38 UTC 2013

On Sat, June 15, 2013 10:22 am, lukefromdc at wrote:
> The incompatable packages issue is getting so bad that Mint is
> apparently about to fork all of the GNOME core, all the way down
> to GTK3, for Cinnamon 2.0 (THIS cycle!), while installing GTK3 for
> applications to use. GTK3 is changing so much anything else leaves
> them roped to a now unpredictable upstream in Saucy and with the
> upcomig Mir situation.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the "hey why don't we do rolling
releases" thing :P
> What are you using for graphics on your test system? Gnome-shell
> and Cinnamon (which is a fork of gnome-shell )both require OpenGL2.0 to
> run, meaning in ATI/AMD video at least R200 or later GPU. I don't know
> the point where Intel and Nvidia got OpenGL2.0. If you don't have them,
> you are stuck in fallback mode, meant only for testing and repairing a
> system. You can still sample what Cinnamon will look like, but expect
> a lot of CPU utilization and slow response via LLVMpipe.

Ya, that is my problem. My nvidia card is 10 years old. SW render is slow,
but at least I can see what the menu looks like. I am personally thinking
of going KDE for now as everything just works. But I have an xfce, KDE,
lxde and mint partition (and a few ubuntustudio) for testing anyway. When
I have a newer computer to work with I will do the gnome shell, unity and
mint (cinnamon/mate) stuff there. Right now Mate is a no show. menu wise.
It doesn't do xdg menus (properly) Though there may be an addon that does.

> On systems where Mint with Cinnamon works right simply pulling in
> ubuntustudio workflow metas should work, since Mint is based on
> Ubuntu and presumably uses the same PA setup.

I would like to make a ubuntustudio meta install app. A user would
download that and it would have a menu kind of like our old alt ISOs used
to that would allow the user to customize their studio install. This would
include the ability to change system settings that might help audio, etc.
It would also allow some  logo changes, though I would like to leave some
of the original installed logos there because really, it is still that
distro. But we could include backgrounds. It would be nice if we had some
backgrounds that combined elements of both the donor distro and US.

> The US-Desktop meta
> would not be so easy, as the themes would first have to be manually
> selected from within Cinnamon to show up and then would not work, as
> per my tests. The Xubuntu US session would be installed and work as
> intended almost for sure (EXCEPT for the "distributor-logo") which Mint
> overwrites. I will test this on the road sometime. You can fix the
> Ubuntustudio button by purging "ubuntu-system-adjustments," the
> Mint package that overwrites it.

Themes are less important to me... except that the current fashion in
themes seems to have the windows with focus look the same as one without.
IMO the focused window should be obvious... a title bar colour change at
least. This doesn't matter in a consumer distro (or phone/tablet) where
mostly only one window at a time is visible. In a production machine where
many windows might be on the screen at one time, it matters for
productivity. I actually still like the late 90s fvwm style (motif style
really). It may be somewhat ugly, but very easy to work with. FVWM is in
our repo, so I may try that too :) If I do, it will be starting from the
mini.iso install.

Len Ovens

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