Saucy a mess right now with packages being removed from repos

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Sat Jun 15 17:22:25 UTC 2013

The incompatable packages issue is getting so bad that Mint is 
apparently about to fork all of the GNOME core, all the way down
to GTK3, for Cinnamon 2.0 (THIS cycle!), while installing GTK3 for
applications to use. GTK3 is changing so much anything else leaves 
them roped to a now unpredictable upstream in Saucy and with the
upcomig Mir situation.

What are you using for graphics on your test system? Gnome-shell
and Cinnamon (which is a fork of gnome-shell )both require OpenGL2.0 to
run, meaning in ATI/AMD video at least R200 or later GPU. I don't know
the point where Intel and Nvidia got OpenGL2.0. If you don't have them,
you are stuck in fallback mode, meant only for testing and repairing a
system. You can still sample what Cinnamon will look like, but expect 
a lot of CPU utilization and slow response via LLVMpipe.

On systems where Mint with Cinnamon works right simply pulling in
ubuntustudio workflow metas should work, since Mint is based on 
Ubuntu and presumably uses the same PA setup. The US-Desktop meta
would not be so easy, as the themes would first have to be manually 
selected from within Cinnamon to show up and then would not work, as
per my tests. The Xubuntu US session would be installed and work as 
intended almost for sure (EXCEPT for the "distributor-logo") which Mint
overwrites. I will test this on the road sometime. You can fix the 
Ubuntustudio button by purging "ubuntu-system-adjustments," the 
Mint package that overwrites it.

On 06/15/2013 at 1:30 AM, "Len Ovens" <len at> wrote:
>On Fri, June 14, 2013 6:45 pm, lukefromdc at wrote:
>> Some development work is not possible right now on Saucy. 
>Cinnamon (which
>> I work with) is not in repo, GTK3 just got updates that remove 
>> DE's, even Kdenlive is not in repo right now. My main systems 
>are Saucy
>> with a lot of pinned packages, GTK3 among them, and my 
>> partition
>> for a Cinnamon meta is based on a Raring image avaialble at the 
>> This might get worse as Mir development picks up in the future, 
>> remember that package-pinning would on a fresh install have to 
>be all the
>> way
>> back to the previous version of Ubuntu and not the lasst good 
>> version.  I really hope this situation gets resolved, as right 
>now I'm
>> seeing
>> package after package being removed from repo and even more that 
>> would remove on an unrestricted update for reasons of 
>A little bit hard on "the community".
>I installed linuxmint to try things out on cinnamon. Cinnamon 
>crashes with
>my system and goes into fallback mode. Or I can start cinnamon in a
>software rendering mode (very slow). Mint also has the "Mate" DE 
>so I installed that as well. The mate menu is sick... err or 
>something. It
>doesn't seem to be following any of the XDG menu files I have tried
>playing with at all. The slow cinnamon seems to have the same menu 
>gnomeshell with the extension. Maybe there is a better menu 
>extension out
>there that does better. Fallback mode works very well with a fixed 
>menu. I am thinking these are based on gnome shell 3 but not the 
>one which of coarse has no fallback mode... as I found with ubuntu 
>Len Ovens
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