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Sun Jul 21 22:07:28 UTC 2013

Cinnamon is changing a lot, will be much easier to work with by the 2.0 (saucy+ 1 month) version. As of now, backgrounds can 
finally be set properly in Cinnamon, removing the worst headache from my earlier experiment. The 1.9 version was not installable
in my Raring image (and Saucy remains a mess right now), so I bypassed that by redoing my previous install with the same 
packages. I used Nautilus to set the background, then removed it. Twenty minutes later, I had a nearly perfect UbuntuStudio/Cinnamon
setup except for a single GTK bug: the default UbuntuStudio theme renders dark filename text on the desktop, making filenames on the
desktop unreadable on the "rock" background.

I used the gnome-terminal, had to reset its theme to get readable text as well, but the XFCE terminal might also work. I forget to update 
the menu to the new package on the reinstall but I already know that works fine, I will fix that and take new screenshots before sending 
them. Presumably that or a descendent thereof  will be the default package in UbuntuStudio 13.10

The steps I used to install Cinnamon and get it working can be quickly duplicated in Raring by anyone, but Cinnamon doesn't seem to
use text or XML configuration files in .config, .local , or .cache, I have yet to figure out where it stores its configuration information. 
Possibly in dconf somewhere, as it is a fork of gnome-shell?

These were the steps I used, I will send the scrteenshots separately due to the delays on this list for emails with attached files:

1: install Cinnamon, nemo, gnome-terminal from Repo

2: In Cinnamon-control-center set icons to ubuntustudio ("settings" from panel)

3: copy background to "wallpapers" (FIND!) or "Pictures," set to "rock"

4: TERMINAL theme breaks, must deselect system theme or text is invsisble

5: copy "GNOME" theme to .themes (from /etc/skel?)

6: settings/menu, set Menu icon to distributor-logo in Ubuntustudio icons

7: add xrandr and workspace-switcher applets to panel

8: if you want more workspaces, add them in the overview

BUGS:Text in default Ubuntustudio theme renders dark on desktop, very hard to read on dark background!

Background setting requires temporary Nautilus install as of version 1.74 but does NOT with newer 1.9
versions, this bug will not be a factor as of cinnamon 2.0.

>From this reinstall, the themes worked perfectly except for the dark text on the desktop and the gnome-terminal

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