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Wed Jul 17 15:19:14 UTC 2013

On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 5:09 PM, Angel Rada <angelrada3 at> wrote:

> I went several times to ubunut studio Irc , nobody there help me to get a
> solution about wifi, ubuntu do not recognize wifi in any way , i'll try to
> get solution but people there is ni useful, only see in the room silence,
> why do you have a irc thta's not useful and friendly thanks

in the interest of being constructive, let me ask you angel, what hardware
do you have? for example, you could say "i have ubuntustudio 13.04 32bit
with all upgrades installed, and i have a broadcom bcm4312 wifi device that
is not recognized" ..then, i could suggest

helpful facts:
the irc channel is not guaranteed commercial support.. it is volunteer
based, and we could use your help. for example, if you have a chance next
time you are in the channel, run the command /topic, and see the topic
suggests "For general xubuntu help, try #xubuntu" ..just having some folks
idle in there and redirect users would be helpful.

i am holstein there in the IRC channel, and i am logged in around the
clock, so if you ask, and wait patiently, i will respond, but i do sleep,
and work.. there are many other helpful users who do the same, though we
are human..

i noticed when you came in the channel, and i have actually tried to /query
you several times..

the channel is officially logged, also, i grabbed the comments you left for
my records. i truly apologize that your experience with the ubuntustudio
irc was one that you found unacceptable.. i know, i was quite underwhelmed
when i joined the channel and asked a question everyday for a week, and
found no response. i decided to stay logged in that channel and do my best
to make contact with everyone who joins. this is not something i can miss
work and sleep for, however, and there are actually many other users there
who work and sleep on different schedules. if the channel is something you
find "under-staffed" i invite you to help us, rather than lobby to have it
removed as per your request..

"21:28 < angel> this room is not useful i'll write to ubuntu to take out

you are welcome to drill down into the menu at see that it actually is an active
channel at times, and users do find
help there... with a smaller, niche community, your patience is always
appreciated.. thanks again for your patience

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