Default Sample rate for Pulse Audio/Jack etc.

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Thu Jan 10 07:17:59 UTC 2013

On Wed, January 9, 2013 8:14 pm, lukefromdc at wrote:
> I wouldn't bet on all those cards being gone! When I build systems from
> older hardware for use by friends and not for HD video, soundblaster live
> cards as the avaialble sound cards are a common nuisance. You will find
> them in a lot of Pentium 4 and Athon XP level machines that can run a
> modern DE and do anything except play or edit HD video (or deal with
> modern games). These machines make fine audio editors once the
> sound card issues are dealt with. You might see a whole roomful
> of machines of this type in a not-for-profit radio station.

This talks a bit about the "Live!":!

The one to look for is the ensoniq PCI with the ES1370 on it. These are
the gem among the older 16bit PCI cards. Lowest noise and stable. Someone
even managed to sync some of them together well enough to put together a
multi- device with ALSA.
Note that the ES1370 has different clocks for the codecs at different speeds.
The ES1371/3 is already a 48k chip.

The Live! (I have heard) resamples everything... even 48k to 48k.

> It's getting harder to find basic, cheap soundcards new, the kind that
> are not fancy and need no special drivers to not have mic bugs, etc.
> Back in 2008 I could get them for as little as $10. Also at that time,
> most motherboards I saw, new or used, had problems with noise or
> even dead channels  in their onboard sound, and some older boards
> had NO onboard sound. As late as 2008 there were motherboards
> being sold new with defective onboard sound to the point of requiring
> a soundcard for any serious recording work. Soundblasters sucked
> for this (I always thought drivers were the issue) and the $10 kind
> worked great.

My on board Intel ac97 on my P4 has 10db more noise on the left than the

Len Ovens

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