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lukefromdc at hushmail.com lukefromdc at hushmail.com
Wed Aug 28 03:52:49 UTC 2013

I do not have the bandwidth available to experiment with  miniisos and 
installing lots of packages at home unless I am already in posession of them
from the laptop's cache, fetched on the road by wifi.

My only experimental partition is at home, but I am on a cellular connection
there, as it is not my house and I do not control utilities. Over 2.5 GB a month
is throttled. No cable, no DSL.

I have run the experimental partition off of disk images fetched by wi-fi
at the library, and can use the packages I save from my own cache 
(also fetched on the road via the laptop) to service them.

I am increasingly thinking building a meta for end users exceeds my capacity,
both because of the bandwidth issues and because all finished OS's I have 
distributed to date have simply been dd or filesystem images of my main

I still have not been able to figure out where Cinnamon keeps some of its 
settings, as they will persist across replacement of the /home directory, 
and as I have no connection to Mint's devs I have no idea what they are
doing in the background, save their announced intention to fork most of
GNOME, apparently all the way down to GTK3, to get independance.

Since they release a month after Ubuntu, no meta based on current
Cinnamon can ever be released with ubuntu's schedule. 

On the other hand, starting from an existing US DVD install saves a LOT of
bandwidth over starting from a Mint DVD, as you already have the media
packages. This is the advantage of desktop metas for US.

Here's what I would have to do to duplicate my system on a fresh install:

>From Ubuntustudio installer:

Install from UbuntuStudio DVD  installer, enable BOTH raring AND Saucy repos,
then  pull in Cinnamon. The required bandwidth can be done from home if I already
have the US DVD image on hand to put on a flash drive.

Replace kernel with 3.11.999 from the PPA, that version works well 
on my video card, the supplied version has issues with my card.

Configure Cinnamon and Nemo manually.

>From Mint installer:

1: Install the known version of Mint from a disk fetched on the road on the

2: go to the library and get on wifi

3: pull in ubuntustudio packages and Kdenlive

4: add Saucy repos to /etc/apt/sources.list Do NOT remove raring repos.

5: Update most packages and install the 3.11 kernel, pin packages known to 
    be broken on that day. Won't work if repos don't contain a usable set of
    packages that day. Easiest after a new release.

6: Manually configure Cinnamon and Nemo, manually copy in backgrounds, etc.
7: go home, copy everything to my  partitions at home, keeping all 
    cached packages for future use. 

For someone with plenty of bandwidth I would actually recommend starting with a 
Mint installer and pulling in US-desktop and whatever workflow metas they want,
as they won't break their desktop and will only need to set their background and 
themes, which now work in Cinnamon's GUI configuration utility. Still don't know
where the hell it keeps it's settings, as they are NOT in .cache, .config, or .local 
it seems!

On 08/25/2013 at 5:20 PM, "Len Ovens" <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:
>On Sun, 25 Aug 2013, lukefromdc at hushmail.com wrote:
>> Meanwhile a lot of packages are not in Saucy's repos. A couple 
>weeks ago,
>> I used a then-current DVD installer to put a new version of US 
>on my test 
>> partition, then ran it through my ongoing Cinnamon DE 
>> In order to install it from a PPA specified for Saucy, I had to 
>> a whole bunch of packages out of Raring repos that have been 
>> In fact, my current working desktop, although following Saucy, 
>could not
>> be duplicated without access to Raring's repos.
>Just to clarify, UbuntuStudio has not dropped any applications 
>(that I am 
>aware of). So the SW you are talking about must have to do with 
>the Cinnamon 
>DE and it's set up. This would seem to indicate that none of the 
>flavours are using this SW and so no one has made sure that SW is 
>kept up. 
>There are different reasons this might be:
>  1) the upstream author is no longer supporting it and so as the 
>     version has changed there is no longer a lib version that 
>will allow
>     this SW to compile for saucy. (we lost GCDMaster this way)
>  2) That SW has been replaced with SW of a different name (for 
>     cdrecord and ffmpeg)
>  3) Other things I can't think of right now :)
>While it would be interesting to know what these apps/packages 
>are, I do not 
>know that we can do anything about it before FF if at all. The 
>main user of 
>Cinnamon is Mint. ubuntugnome is more about gnome shell in ubuntu 
>rather than 
>classic or it look-alikes. So the question might be, what 
>direction Mint is 
>Rather than starting with a UbuntuStudio ISO, I would think that 
>starting with 
>mini.iso and building from there might be better. Come up with a 
>meta package 
>that takes mini.iso and generates the desktop you would like, then 
>ubuntustudio-installer to allow choosing the workflows as needed. 
>You may need 
>to create a "classicstudio-default-settings" package to finish off 
>the desktop 
>look and feel.
>You may be able to use some of the ubuntustudio packages as they 
>are though. 
>In all it is a big job you are trying to do. Starting with someone 
>else's ISO 
>would be the easiest way. (ubuntustudio started with xubuntu for 
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