Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Wed Oct 3 00:15:43 UTC 2012

On Tue, October 2, 2012 6:44 am, Mike Holstein wrote:

>> i found LMMS to be crashy in 10.04... and i havent used it since really.
> if its stable and something that others want added, im OK with that. i
> always thought that even if it worked and was stable, my opinion was that
> it was "toy-ish"... we cant include *everything* and there are some key
> pieces of my workflow that are not installed that i have no issues with
> installing on my own. however, if someone wants to host a meeting, and
> "vote" on the inclusion of LMMS, i'll come and participate, and not vote
> it
> down, since i have no strong opinions other than it needs to be stable.

+1 on the toyish. In fact that is why the user who asked wants it. It has
auto chording (insert a note with the mouse and it chords it). LMMS is
already one of the "Extra" apps that shows up when the extra applications
menu item is selected. I feel really strongly not for 12.10. 13.04 would
be ok. However, I think we should be prepared to get asked (even more than
now) why we don't have RG which is the same kind of thing but more
professional. There are for that matter, as others have said, a number of
other sequencer/daw/whatever applications available.

What this user likes about it, aside from auto chord, I think is a low
learning curve for his first try at recording. One app does his whole
thing, both recording vocals/guitar as well as some synth work. There is
no doubt in my mind he could do everything he has done on qtracktor. Just
a matter of learning how... a utube howto (not printed) is what he needs.
(Len does better with printed, but understands others work differently)

I don't know if "it works like x windows application" is a valid reason to
call something entry level.

Len Ovens

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