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Tue Nov 27 10:34:53 UTC 2012

The original people who are interested were me, ttoine and holstein. I
believe we three should be able to become admins on the new PR team.

A good suggestion from ttoine is that we should let everybody write the
news. Then the editors will help the editing and also to see whether it can
be allowed into our website. It will then be posted to the website if the
article is checked by the editors.

As for Google+, I think that it is a good idea to share it out. However, it
cannot be shared among too many people. 3-5 is good enough.

Try to send as much emails to the mailing list as possible. Since I won't
be on IRC till Friday (too many tests) I can only read emails.

On 2012-11-27 下午4:35, "ttoine" <ttoine at> wrote:

> 2012/11/27 Kaj Ailomaa <zequence at>
>> On Mon, 26 Nov 2012 19:17:36 +0100, Scott Lavender <
>> scottalavender at> wrote:
>>> yes, i think we should move forward to add the plugins that will allow us
>>> to push our website posts to various social media. i am unsure of the
>>> requirements from canonical/ubuntu to get these added however.
>>> to create a new g+ page wouldn't we need to also create a new google
>>> account and then share the account name/password?
>> I think so.
>>> hehe, when i first read the sentence about the PR team, i thought, "why
>>> make another team in launchpad? we should just use the -website team"
>>> thinking that the suggestion was to make a -pr team :P
>>> should anyone else be added to the team at this point? ttoine?  is anyone
>>> else admin but me? i think we should have several others as admin. kaj,
>>> would you object to being an admin?
>>> scottl
>> I already have access to the website, but am mainly interested in editing
>> pages for documentation, etc.
>> I was thinking further about events to post. If we have many posting,
>> some events should be assigned to someone. Like release news (betas, final
>> releases, important updates).
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> If needed, I can be admin too, I manage a Wordpress multisite with 20
> sites for my customers, so I know Wordpress well. But I would be happy with
> an editor account.
> I think that for all the Ubuntu Studio team, it should be author accounts
> per default:
>  - Anyone of the team can contribute with news (of course, we have to edit
> a page with some rules) and then, that is the job of Editors to manage what
> is published or not.
>  - It would allow too to let the team make some corrections on
> documentation when needed.
>  - The team members could write posts suggestions about news that editors
> didn't seen, e.g. important releases, as we all have different focuses on
> what happends around Ubuntu Studio.
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