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2012/11/27 Kaj Ailomaa <zequence at>

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>> yes, i think we should move forward to add the plugins that will allow us
>> to push our website posts to various social media. i am unsure of the
>> requirements from canonical/ubuntu to get these added however.
>> to create a new g+ page wouldn't we need to also create a new google
>> account and then share the account name/password?
> I think so.
>> hehe, when i first read the sentence about the PR team, i thought, "why
>> make another team in launchpad? we should just use the -website team"
>> thinking that the suggestion was to make a -pr team :P
>> should anyone else be added to the team at this point? ttoine?  is anyone
>> else admin but me? i think we should have several others as admin. kaj,
>> would you object to being an admin?
>> scottl
> I already have access to the website, but am mainly interested in editing
> pages for documentation, etc.
> I was thinking further about events to post. If we have many posting, some
> events should be assigned to someone. Like release news (betas, final
> releases, important updates).

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If needed, I can be admin too, I manage a Wordpress multisite with 20 sites
for my customers, so I know Wordpress well. But I would be happy with an
editor account.

I think that for all the Ubuntu Studio team, it should be author accounts
per default:
 - Anyone of the team can contribute with news (of course, we have to edit
a page with some rules) and then, that is the job of Editors to manage what
is published or not.
 - It would allow too to let the team make some corrections on
documentation when needed.
 - The team members could write posts suggestions about news that editors
didn't seen, e.g. important releases, as we all have different focuses on
what happends around Ubuntu Studio.
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