Public Relations - Technical solution

Kaj Ailomaa zequence at
Thu Nov 22 16:32:53 UTC 2012

As ttoine pointed out, it seems like we can do almost all of the posting  
 from our website using this plugin
This means we can use WP to post to facebook, twitter, etc.
Probably the only one we can't post to is the G+ account. And here we  
probably need to start a new one.

Multiple admin support for G+ pages does not exist yet. While it is  
coming, until it does, we should probably just share the password between  
the PR members.

If it's ok with Scott, I could proceed with installing the plugin.

I think we still need to decide on a list of things we are to post. Look  
under "List of Events" here and see if we are  
missing any. Please add suggestions there.

Then we need to put together the PR team, and add them as members to  
~ubuntustudio-website, so they can start working on posts.

Anything else?

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