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Thu Nov 22 17:52:31 UTC 2012

For the Google + account, I will look at the problem. Google provide an
author function, I have to check how it works for my own blog. I let you
know when I find a good idea on that point.

Nothing else.

Antoine THOMAS
Tél: 0663137906

2012/11/22 Kaj Ailomaa <zequence at>

> As ttoine pointed out, it seems like we can do almost all of the posting
> from our website using this plugin**
> plugins/jetpack/ <>
> This means we can use WP to post to facebook, twitter, etc.
> Probably the only one we can't post to is the G+ account. And here we
> probably need to start a new one.
> Multiple admin support for G+ pages does not exist yet. While it is
> coming, until it does, we should probably just share the password between
> the PR members.
> If it's ok with Scott, I could proceed with installing the plugin.
> I think we still need to decide on a list of things we are to post. Look
> under "List of Events" here**
> UbuntuStudio/PublicRelations<>and see if we are missing any. Please add suggestions there.
> Then we need to put together the PR team, and add them as members to
> ~ubuntustudio-website, so they can start working on posts.
> Anything else?
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