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On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 5:55 AM, Kaj Ailomaa <zequence at> wrote:

> We've been talking about creating a public relations team. One that has
> rights to use all the official Ubuntu Studio channels for posting news.
> This team will probably want to find interesting stuff to post, as well as
> be available to realize ideas that come from within the Ubuntu Studio
> community.
> First, let's discuss which channels.
> Mail lists (we need mail lists for other workflows than audio too):
> * ubuntustudio-user
> * linux-audio-user
> * linux-audio-announce
> Official Ubuntu Studio Social Accounts that we have:
> * facebook
> * google+
> What other mail lists, social channels, etc can we use?
> Once we've come up with a nice list, let's just decide on how we
> administer rights.
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Here is what I have so far:


G+ (as ubuntu studio)
facebook (as ubuntu studio)

Note: ttoine has suggested pushing news posts from to
twitter. i think that is brilliant and we should see if other options are
available for other social media as well. this will indeed save time and
effort if possible. everyone should also recognize that we simply cannot
add whatever plugin we want to the website as it is canonical hosted and
therefore must get things approved by security. this doesn't mean it will
not happen, but rather that we can't "just do it".

ubuntu forums
ubuntu studio website
planet ubuntu (via personal blogs)
personal blogs,

linux outlaws
the linuxlink tech show podcast

i am also strongly suggesting that we consider a matrix or "milestone
playbook" to understand which communication channel to use at any
particular event.
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