bugs and remaining dev for ubuntu studio 12.04

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Mon Mar 26 21:25:26 UTC 2012

On Mon, March 26, 2012 10:44 am, Scott Lavender wrote:

> * bug #963498 - menu is not ubuntu studio menu [0]
> * bug #925257 - pulse/jack not bridging [1]

This seems to work as designed. I am not sure what has changed from
before... maybe just not knowing how to use it. It does seem that there
may be a feature request. That jacksink be the default output even when
jackd is not running... but I do not think this is easy or without
problems, for example: a program already running will not switch to
jacksink just because the default device changes, only things that are
started after. Perhaps a feature that a specific output auto switch to
jack when jack starts... or that when jacksink connects to jack, PA finds
out which device jack is connected to and switches that device...

sounds like a mess any which way. The PA people have done marvels though
and might do something if asked the right way. They really do seem to
think PA should be a seamless app. However, there is talk about a jackd3
that combines 1&2 and adds to that. I'm not sure what changes that will
throw into things. It may be best to just document how PA-jack works.

Documentation might be a great goal next cycle. I would really like to
understand what settings I should be using for jackd. It seems that there
is not a best setting for everything. For using the computer as a live
effect, the latency needs to be as low as possible (and possible varies by
machine) but for multitrack a bit higher may work better. For someone who
is used to sound just working when they start a movie, this is a new

All tha to say, I would call the bug either fixed or no longer valid or
just plain invalid.

> * bug #964931 - plymouth text screen says ubuntu not ubuntu studio [2]

There are two things here... one) why does this text thing work for the
live DVD and not after the install (this may take more time than we have).
Two) when it does work the text version should have the right name and
colour. (this may be fixable with just adding a file and changing a link
for now, but a new text theme would be best in the long run)

> * bug #956438 - qjackctl unable to stop jack via dbus [3]
> * bug #946591 - add ubuntustudio-live-settings to repository [4]
> * not filed yet - change mixer plugin backend
> * not filed yet - graphical partition confirmation uses xfce logo
> during installation

My thought is that if ubiquity or partman reads enough of the disk to find
out what distro it is, then the icon may be on the disk partition, not the
DVD. Or the icon may belong to xfce and not xubuntu.

Len Ovens

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