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C. F. Howlett cfhowlett at
Sun Jul 29 05:16:51 UTC 2012

I may have confused the Agave app with a color wheel selection tool.  At present,  at least 2 gnome based color managers are installed in US, so they are present and accounted for.  I consider that request fulfilled.

Scribus, Font Forge, Font Matrix, and Libre Office Writer "should" satisfy basic publishing needs.  I sent a query to  the Full Circle Magazine team about this and will share their response.

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> Not sure what happened. Anyway, I have added a Publishing submenu. It has
> Scribus, font-manager and fontforge in it. You also said something about a
> colour chooser. I am a bit lost as to what to do for this so it has not
> been included as yet. If you have some suggestions, I would be happy to
> hear about them.
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> Len Ovens
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