ubuntustudio icons

Emmet Hikory persia at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 25 15:00:09 UTC 2012

Scott Lavender wrote:
>  * a .svg file can be smaller than a .bmp (this obviously reducing size
> requirements)

    It can also be larger, depending on the number of vectors when compared
to the colour depth and icon size.  A very small, low-color bitmap (e.g.
16x16 4-colour xpm) might be smaller than the vector representation, if
the image is fairly complex.  Conversely, large, simple images are usually
smaller in vector representation.

>  * i believe .png files can be created during package installation (using
> the rules file?)

    The rules file is processed at package build time, rather than package
installation time, so that anything created then is present in the distibuted
binary package (although it may not be present in the source).  It is also
possible to generate SVG files at package build time (e.g. `convert foo.png
foo.svg`), although this is less commonly done, as most of the benefits of
vector representation are lost with this sort of conversion.

>  * a single .png file can create multiple .png files during installation
> (greatly reducing size requirements)

    While possible, it is not considered best practice to create such files
at installation time (as it requires processing on user computers, rather than
in a controlled environment), but is often done at build time.

    Assuming that you mean "a single .svg file ...", while any graphic format
can be used to generate arbitrary scaled icons, bitmaps of arbitrary size
generated from vector representations will be equivalently crisp, whereas
resizing bitmaps (e.g. png to png) tends to degrade the image (blurred edges
on lines are the most obvious of the possible effects).


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