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On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 11:47 PM, Len Ovens <len at> wrote:

> On Fri, July 20, 2012 9:02 pm, C. F. Howlett wrote:
> > Desktop Publishing/DTP appears to have been dropped
> > from the default menus.  I was asked for some font advice and confidently
> > went to US to create a quick font catalog only to find no such tools
> > available in the default installation.  Likewise, the website authoring
> > tools appear to have been dropped.  I can see dropping the website tools,
> > but the DTP tools?  In the past, such tools have included Scribus and the
> > various font creation and management apps.
> I don't know how clear it is from what is said, but it looks like we will
> be moving back in that direction. See item 5 in the quantal blueprint:
> To me even an E-book is the same as any book, it is just distributed
> differently. Scott's words were stronger in regard to adding "publishing".
> I wouldn't hold your breath for 12.10 though, contributers seem to be
> pretty thin over the summer... those left are doing the best we can. I've
> waited three weeks trying to get some packages released so we can test
> them, but the people are stretched too thin right now.
> I think I have a font manager to add, three yes marks, zero no marks so
> far. Could you give me a list of apps for publishing? We need two lists
> actually. A minimal list that gives a complete workflow from start to
> finish. That is one of each that pulls in the fewest extra depends we can.
> I would also like a fuller list that we can set up for easy install for
> those who want more. Maybe start with a list of types of apps: Font
> manager, font creator, DTP program... etc. There is going to be some over
> lap from this to graphics I would think, but publishing seems to be part
> of the vision for Ubuntu Studio. Scott, please correct me if or where I'm
> wrong.
> Anyway, I think I will mark a part of the desktop seed as DTP stuff to
> keep it separate, unless someone gives me permission to start a DTP file
> in seeds so we can have a meta for it. At least if it is visibly separate
> it should be easy to move out of the desktop into it's own meta (or just
> remove if it doesn't work out). They will all be "recommends" so it is
> easy to remove unwanted SW and replace it with other Apps.
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the desktop publishing applications were intentionally removed for 12.04
because i wanted to get back to a small core of exceedingly competent
functionality. i had felt that ubuntu studio was trending to become a
"software library" where applications were included because it seemed like
a good idea rather than based on a well thought out and defined process to
accomplish a goal.

however, as len has commented i feel very passionate about including them.
what we currently lack is competent information about which applications
_should_ we include to support user to create content. in audio terms, i
wouldn't want to include JACK because "i know it's important and awesome"
without including ardour or qtractor; this is only providing a single chain
in a tool chain.

c.f. howlett, if you have other thoughts, please comment on the list. i am
developing several things currently, one is a book and i hope to gain much
useful experience as well. i am unsure if my time table will make it for
this cycle, but i am sure it will be for the next.

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