Publishing tool recommendations

Len Ovens len at
Sat Jul 21 15:58:18 UTC 2012

On Sat, July 21, 2012 5:18 am, C. F. Howlett wrote:
>>From my limited experience ...
> For Desktop Publishing, the premier FOSS app seems to be Scribus.

There seem to be 3 packages of interest for Scribus. Aside from the
application there is also a template package and a doc package. I am
thinking that if we ship the App and make the other two easy to install.
> A FontManager for sorting, selecting, cataloging

I am already suggesting a package for this.
> A FontForge for editing/CREATING fonts

The only one in our repos seems to be fontforge, again I would install the
app and make the doc and extras easy to install.
> A color selection app

I will quite freely admit my ignorance here... to my mind the first
thought is that every app that uses colour has a colour selection utility.
So you are obviously looking for something more. There are in the
blueprints a number of items dealing with colour:
[ubuntustudio-dev] - color - consider replacing argyl with another
application (ttoine wanted this): TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] - color - explore what vanilla ubuntu is using because
gui is nice (ttoine again): TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] - color - gui would be nice for users (ttoine again): TODO
[ubuntustudio-dev] - color - explore making a package for adobe icc (yep,
i guessed it...ttoine): TODO

>From the conversation I have seen to do with this I gather a lot of this
stuff is to do with setting the monitor to reproduce colour correctly.

> I have no website developing experience so can't speak to that ...

Website development is a mess IMO. Much of the original intent of HTML has
been lost. I use bluefish myself, or a text editor for minor fixes,
because I want to see how much code I am cranking out.
<rant>I like low bandwidth. I like self formatting code... I hate web
pages that insist on using the browser full page to read everything
without shifting the page left and right... oh and they expect you to have
a monitor with the same rez as the webdeveloper (or his boss) has. Maximum
webpage width should fit the width of a netbook anymore. </rant>
<apologize for rant>

Anyway, there are so many tools for generating HTML, I don't think it is
worth including any. However, the graphics tools needed for DTP and
included in our graphics section should cover everything up to the html
generation part of things. We can suggest HTML editors to install ... Oh,
we already include gedit ;-)

Thankyou for your input. This is one of those areas I know little about...
I still write letters with a text editor, I figure the information
included is all that is needed. I do understand that proper formating
makes a book or other document easier to read and that there are tools to
make this easier.

As always comments are welcome... and requested.

Len Ovens

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