graphics - font manager

Len Ovens len at
Thu Jul 19 03:17:30 UTC 2012

One of our users who just moved from LTS to LTS (10.04 to 12.04?) was
asking where the font manager went? He feels that our graphics menu should
have such an animal to install, remove, preview and sort fonts (fonts can
be grouped on a per-app basis.. maybe per project as you can save a group.
The gnome product is called font-manger. I installed it and it doesn't add
any depends.

I am not a graphics guy, but I feel in the "if no one says not to, I will
add it to the seeds in a week" kind of mood.  :-)

I did think about saying it was good for publishing too, but I think it is
more a graphics tool. The publishing font set is generally much smaller
than for graphics.

Comments please.

Len Ovens

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