Legacy Ubuntustudio GTK theme ported to GTK 3.3

Luke Kuhn lukekuhn at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 23 18:10:13 UTC 2012

I have just finished a rough port of the old (Hardy/Jaunty era) Ubuntustudio GTK2 theme to GTK 3.3, which broke my prior GTK 3 port. I like that theme (with one color mod) and maintain it myself because it "does not exist" for GNOME 3. This one of the best things about open source software: when changes and updates you like screw up things you liked before, you can sometimes figure out how to get them to work together.
 As before, the "selected background" color is my personal  blue-green, but this could be easily changed back by anyone else wanting to use the theme to the original blue. There are still a few bugs and rough spots, but it is more usable that my previous gtk 3.0 port, which could leave a directory full of still-selected files unmarked after mousing away from them, which was a dangerous trap. I will probably be doing some further refining on this.
I use this with gnome-shell frippery and an updated and modded set of the old ubuntustudio icons for a GNOME setup very similar in appearance to what I came to know and love in 2007-2010. Ultimately I hope to turn all of this into an "ubuntustudio-legacy-look" tarball for convenience. If people are interested I could revert my custom changes to color and icons for such a tarball so people could drop in the legacy theme. The additional icons for newer programs would stay as they are necessary, of course. 		 	   		  
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