Groups, permisions, work flow

Kaj Ailomaa at
Sun Jan 22 13:33:02 UTC 2012

I'm going to ask around. I've sent a mail to the multimedia package mail 
list for Debian.
Where would be the best place to adress this?

Don't know how fast such a change would find it's way over to Ubuntu 
repo. jackd2 1.9.8 is now in Debian unstable, I believe.
If it is achievable to solve this audio group problem in packaging, it 
would have been nice to get it that package uploaded to Ubuntu in time 
for 12.04.
It would definitely make things a lot easier.

On 2012-01-22 14:17, Ralf Madorf wrote:
> Hi Kaj :)
> I'll continue top posting ;).
> To be honest, I can't see any disadvantage to set every user to the
> group audio, but I might have miss something.
> Why do we have a group "audio"? Perhaps there's a valid reason not to
> set every user to the group audio. I don't know.
> Regards,
> Ralf

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