Jan 19 US ISO

Scott Lavender scottalavender at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 13:11:32 UTC 2012

hi len!

this is most strange and completely deconstructs my understanding of
how the ISO builds from the seeds...hmmmm :/

but anyways, i checked the build logs [0] and i can clearly see that
starting around line 1593 that it added the changes i had made.  most

On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 9:47 PM, Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:
> Still playing... Aside from the missing link things look pretty good.
>  - cdrdao is missing
i will note this as a further change required in the seeds

>  - a2jmidid is not missing - Good
i'm not actually sure where this is coming from (either stated
explicitly or as a dependencies but i would like to make sure it is
stated explicitly due to it's prominence

>  - The newer envy24control -> mudita24 would be nice.
hmmmm, that's disappointing and i will note this on my seed's change
list as well

>  - Nautilus and thunar do funny things ;-)
can you give more explanation about "funny things"?

>   - icon to get a file manager gets set to nautilus ok
>   - nautilus access sftp ok
>   - but the desktop stuff still opens thunar
can you explain what you are doing specifically to open thunar in this manner?

>  - ARandR is there - Good (seems to work but I have yet to test it with
> two monitors)
>  - gedit is nice.
>  - xchat isn't set to #ubuntustudio yet.
this is a desire of mine but i do not know how and haven't scheduled
time to do so yet.  if anyone wants to see how ubuntu or one of the
other derivatives does it that would be helpful, otherwise it will get
done at a future time.

>  - There is no bookmark for the webpage in firefox either.
aye, similar to xchat channels, this is planned but not executed yet.
help would be appreciated.

>  - The themes are ok by me, but I don't see any changes from the last time
> I tested... And I thought that was where there were changes. Oh hang on
> some of the menu icons are different.
yes, the theme and ui shouldn't vary drastically, i think the most
visible items would probably be some of the panel items, but these are
small changes still.

since you mentioned the menu i want to mention a few particulars about
ti.  i expect the menu to undergo some changes as well as i do not
believe the menu is placing items correctly (i.e. in the audio
production menu) like it used to do before the initial xfce
transition.  the expected time for this change would be sometimes
after alpha 2 comes out, unless someone wants to assist.

> Much better and more usable.
i'm very glad to hear this reported :)

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thanks again, len!  your work is really appreciated.


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