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Len Ovens len at
Thu Jan 19 18:28:04 UTC 2012

On Wed, January 18, 2012 11:43 pm, Janne Jokitalo wrote:

>> A few notable miss
>>   - cdrdao (this may get pulled in by basero but is important enough to
>> get listed outright)
> It does:
> $ apt-cache show brasero
> ...
> Depends: libbrasero-media3-1 (= 3.2.0-0ubuntu6) [...]
> $ apt-cache rdepends cdrdao
> cdrdao
> Reverse Depends:
> ...
>   libbrasero-media3-1 [...]

I thought so, and the K3b we are talking to replace it probably does too.
My thought is that cdrdao is important enough that it should be part of
our spec. Gcdmaster is old and hasn't been updated for a long time. We
have at least for now, lost it because of that. Cdrdao is in the same boat
as it hasn't been updated for over two years now either... it needs to be
in front of us as a requirement so that it has a chance of being
maintained in the long run. Otherwise two years down the road we may not
have it. Hopefully brasero and k3b will keep it alive.

>>   - a2jmidid (I thought this was included, but it looks like it is
>> something I unwittingly added with jack-keyboard) This becomes a must as
>> there are midi applications that talk only alsa and some only jackd. A2j
>> (alsa to jackd bridge) allows them all to work together. Without it
>> vkeybd can't control yoshimi, for example. [...]
> Ok, good call. I'll add it to the audio seed.
>> I assume this is a transition setup. Thunar, gvfs-fuse, gigolo,
>> ristretto,
>> etc. will go away?
> I don't understand this. Why should they go away? Thunar is the default
> file
> manager in Xubuntu. We're basing our DE on Xubuntu.

Nautilus has been added, why have both? We are using Xfce as session
manager but I got the idea we were not stuck with using all the xfce apps.
I could be wrong though... if that is the case and thunar is going to be
our file manager then we are missing gvfs-backends still, making thunar
and gigolo broken.

>> New kernel can't be added till in repos.
> What's this about? Scott just uploaded the -low-latency package (kindly

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I should have said that I expect the new kernel to
show up soon but realize it was not ready just yet which would explain why
generic is still there. So not having the new kernel is not a bug, but in

> There will be big changes soon, so keep watching the development. Alpha-2
> is
> looming, and we want lots of stuff done by that.

There is an editor (+1) and a calendar (+1) and other things are showing
too. Basically I'm happy with the progress I see. I'll download the
changes when they come out and try it. even if not finished I may find
something missing.

> Thanks for the update, though! We need to generate some weight on the
> lists as
> well, so people not on IRC get informed too.

I try... I am thinking it would be nice to have a set of test files to try
out these apps on. some wavs some pictures, some videos. and some things
to try and do with them as tests. Then add one newly recorded item as
well... Should I have so much time.

Len Ovens

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