New seeds

Len Ovens len at
Thu Jan 19 06:49:11 UTC 2012

Took a look at the need seed files. Looks good.

A few notable miss
  - cdrdao (this may get pulled in by basero but is important enough to
get listed outright)
  - a2jmidid (I thought this was included, but it looks like it is
something I unwittingly added with jack-keyboard) This becomes a must as
there are midi applications that talk only alsa and some only jackd. A2j
(alsa to jackd bridge) allows them all to work together. Without it
vkeybd can't control yoshimi, for example. The seq option in jackd does
this but is very hard to use because on the jack side they are only
numbered not named. A2j has names. It would also make sense to have this
started when ever jackd is. Or at least create a (well named) desktop
file for the user to do so. Ardour3 may not make 12.04, but comes out
soon enough after that people will use it. Ardour3 uses jackd midi and
will not be able to drive some of the sound generators without bridging.

  - note to self add a midi section to docs.

I assume this is a transition setup. Thunar, gvfs-fuse, gigolo, ristretto,
etc. will go away?

New kernel can't be added till in repos.

Looks good otherwise. I will try to test it and see if anything is broken.

Len Ovens

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