ISO update

Len Ovens len at
Fri Jan 6 03:32:24 UTC 2012

Installed the Jan 5 2012 version of Ubuntu Studio 12.04. The background is
fine, I like the theme, netmanager works (installs) correctly. Something I
had not checked before is that I don't have as much setup to do for my
delta 66. Pulse seems to just do the right thing, last time I had to hand
configure pulse. Still had to set up the right order for sound cards in
alsa, but that is pretty hard to predict as it is a matter of choice.

 - Gigolo is still broke. -needs gvfs-backends package.
 - Still no text editor.
 - mudita24 (aka envy24 1.0.3) works better than envy24 (0.6.0) It is
available on synaptic, but doesn't seem to have a desktop file.
 - Parole not replaced yet.

Not meant as to be critical. Just a where are we at thing. Seems over all
more stable than a few weeks ago when things seemed to lock up a bit.

Len Ovens

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