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Len Ovens len at
Wed Jan 4 00:18:17 UTC 2012

I have addressed most of the issues you talked about, though perhaps not
the best. I have put in separate sections for AC97 and HDA. I have the
spec for both and have tried to base my comments on those specs almost
exclusively. I am planning to talk about audio circuitry, both internal
and external in a separate area. I have started putting in more links too
on the main page. (pulse home page, alsa home page, jack home page etc.)

I know there are a lot of people that will plug stuff together any old way
and get pretty good sound. I would like to encourage people to make the
best of what gear they have. To try some different things and ways of
using the gear in their home to get something a bit better.

The two ubuntu sound pages are pretty sparse, but do cover the times when
things just don't work. There are still some specifics but they are now
sited as examples more than anything.

Long way till perfect.

Len Ovens

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