cd/dvd burning tools for video

Len Ovens len at
Tue Feb 21 06:47:45 UTC 2012

I don't do any video... it's on my todo list... when I retire in a few
years and have time. That being said, I am realising that when we chose
brasero for cd burning, we did so from a strictly audio mastering of CDs
view. It is the only one that we can get to work right now.

Is there anyone who does more video work and can test brasero for making
video cd/dvds. Are there tools that are missing for this work? Can we make
a VCD? Can we make a video DVD with menus? If so how easy is it to
customise them? Are there tools that would do the job better?

I don't know that we can add new apps for the sake of doing so right now,
but if what we have breaks a workflow we may be able to fix it.

Len Ovens

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