jackd real time

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Fri Feb 17 00:52:33 UTC 2012

Hello Scott,

I took a look at the jackd package. Because ubiquity doesn't seem to allow
jackd's config to ask us if we want RT, and the jackd pkg maintainers may
not feel the default should be RT true, it seems that for us we need to
tell jackd to install rt as if the user had chosen RT true. There are two
parts to this, by trying this as we are set, we make sure it works. Then
should we figure out how to ask user questions with ubiquity, we would use
the same code there.

So, I would suggest that our default settings package include in the
DEBIAN directory a file called config (this is the standard name for
things run before installation starts, what jackd uses) This file should
be "chmod +x" and have this in it:

#!/bin/sh -e

# Source debconf library.
. /usr/share/debconf/confmodule

# realtime prio?
db_set jackd/tweak_rt_limits true


This is almost identical to what jackd has but they have a db_input line
instead of a db_set. Even if we figure out how to use ubiquity to ask this
question for us, we would still need this bit of code, so it would be nice
to try it out and make sure it works. I don't know if there is a way of
telling the installer to not run a config for a certain package or what
order to run them in. Ours needs to run last. I don't know if it does
things in the order the seeds use or file order (alphabetically). If it
runs the order of the seeds, it may not work and there may need to be a
package in the audio-common package to do this instead. (audio-settings?)

On Thu, February 16, 2012 3:07 pm, Scott Lavender wrote:
> 3. /path/to/lightdm/backgrounds
> two silly things about this.  we have the wrong path (completely my
> fault) and we were trying to use a .png that doesn't ship.  it should
> probably be /user/share/xfce/backdrops/file_that_actually_exists.png
I didn't think I changed the filename just the path. I think the file is
there. Or maybe you mean the desktop BG which comes out solid colour till
I look at the settings then it jumps to the xfce. The solid colour
actually works quite well. But the lightdm BG is a right file just wrong

> 5. greeter-session=lightdm-gtk-greeter
> this is okay because the lightdm-gtk-greeter file is actually a
> symlink to whatever session filename is configured.  in our case it
> should point to ubuntustudio-lightdm-gtk-greeter (although this may
> not be the actual name, i'll check on my ubuntu machine at home when
> doing the code again)
 Yup, the link and file are fine. My thought was that it would be more
organized and easier to trouble shoot/update if all our config files were
in the same place. So long as people know where things are, it's fine.

> lastly, i want to thank you again len for the great things you are
> doing.  they have all been a HUGE help to the me, the team, ubuntu
> studio, and all ubuntu studio users!

OK ok... glad to be helping.

Just a thought... we all work different ways so this may not work for you.
if it was me, I would be putting in changes as I made them (well not more
than once a day) so they could be tested while there is lots of time to
make changes. I would put things like menu changes in so people can see
them and give feed back. It is relatively easy to switch back things that
don't work.

Another strategy would be to email out package changes. I think I should
be able to write the new package over the old on the usb ISO. This
wouldn't show up on the live session, just the install. It would take a
bit longer to test (the live dvd loads fast) but would let you know whats
happening. The install process is shorter at least in my time taken than
the alt was. All of the user interaction is at the beginning and then I
can walk away and do something else while it finishes.

I am not sure how the live DVD works, but it does seem to be an accurate
representation of what the install will be like. It will be interesting to
see what happens when you get the default session set.

Anyway, these are just ideas, they may not work for you. Maybe wouldn't
work for me if I was doing the actual work. ;-)

Len Ovens

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