Len Ovens len at
Sat Aug 18 18:53:24 UTC 2012

  I need some help on the color manager. There are 4 *.desktop files that
go with it. Right now none of them show up on our menu or in the
settings manager. So we have this installed (even in 12.04 BTW) and no
one can see it.

The four files are:
gcm-calibrate.desktop   gcm-picker.desktop gcm-import.desktop     

Which of these should go where in our menu or settings manager?

I already know that gcm-import.desktop should go nowhere. It just provides
MIME support so that if the user downloads an ICC file they can right
click on it and gcm will import it to the proper directory.

gcm-viewer seems to be a profile manager, it can import or remove icc
profiles. The category lists it as "System" but for some reason also marks
it as NoDisplay=true... If I remove that line it would show up in the
system menu. However, as always I can put it where ever I want :) Would it
be a better thing to add to the settings manager?

gcm-calibrate needs to have a colorimeter plugged in before it is run,
there is no MIME line so I would expect it will not open on it's own when
the colorimeter is plugged in... but I don't know and I don't have a meter
to try it. Anybody have one? This one seems to belong in settings and so I
will add it to the settings dialog. I will note in the comment (aka tool
tip) that the colorimeter needs to be plugged in for this to work.

gcm-picker says system, but from what it does, I think it should be in
graphics. It uses the colorimeter to pick colours. put the meter over a
colour and it will tell you what it is. I would guess it depends on the
meter if it will only work on a screen or if it will work of of printed
stuff too. This also needs a note that it needs a meter.

Len Ovens

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