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On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 3:53 PM, Len Ovens <len at> wrote:

> I have figured out the right way to install firefox default home page and
> bookmarks. I was able to add ubuntustudio's web site as homepage, on the
> bookmarks toolbar and as a bookmark in the bookmark menu.
> Scott, you had written in the blueprint:
> forums,,, youtube studio channel?,
> mailing lists
> Could you expand that a bit? URLs would be great, but forum names and
> mailist names would be enough  for those if you are busy.
> is that the main one? or something studio specific?
> Any other ideas are welcome. Now that I know how and where... it is easy
> enough.
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> Len Ovens
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iI was mostly brainstorming about what could go there. i'll run down what I
got in my head:

forums - I would use, this
is the ubuntu studio section of the ubuntu forums, you might call it Ubuntu
Studio Forums, while not technically correct. - i'm not sure we should use this, but we need to make a
definitive decision about where we are hosting the user documentation. i
prefer the website personally over the ubuntu wikis as i think most users
will just google search and find our website rather than the ubuntu wiki.

website - yeah, we should include this, even if we don't host user
documentation there. call it Ubuntu Studio Website or similar

youtube channel - obviously we have already discussed the "Ubuntu Studio
YouTube Channel", which doesn't really exist yet. i wouldn't note this yet.

ubuntustudio users mailing list - ubuntu-studio-users at,
call it "ubuntu studio users mailing list" :P

ubuntustudio dev mailing list - ubuntu-studio-devel at, call
it "ubuntu studio developers mailing list" or "ubuntu studio CONTRIBUTORS
mailing list", the latter one is more inclusive

rock on and thanks for all that you are doing,
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