Jack version

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Thu Sep 29 02:32:41 UTC 2011

I have been looking Through the archives of this list and can't find out
where the package list is. I wanted to make sure the latest version of
jackd is included. (1.9.7) it has been out for a while ... since Mar30 and
Ardour 3 needs it. Funny thing is when I run jackd (/usr/bin) it says it
is 1.9.7 but the file date is feb 14 ( a month and a half before it was
available ) And Ardour 3 says "[WARNING]: This version of JACK is old -
you should upgrade to a newer version that supports
jack_port_type_get_buffer_size()" However, one of the things 1.9.7 was to
fix was that lack. I think Jackd is lying. Synaptic lists 1.9.6 as the
current version (and that it is installed).

I understand that Ardour 3 will not be in this version of Ubuntu Studio,
but it will be ready soon enough and lots of people will install it.

I looked for the image to download to check because this was in one of the
"You can find information and the images at the QA website:

I found information and test procedures but no images, not easy to find.

Len Ovens

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