Suport for derivatives gone?

Len Ovens len at
Sat Oct 15 18:36:54 UTC 2011

Since release 11.10 of Ubuntu and server it seems that Canonical has
decided not to support derivatives. Before there was just the one word at
the bottom of the screens under projects in tiny print, but now that is

Unity has gotten worse. It hides even more of the system from the user
than before... seems set up for netbooks not desktops. I would guess
Canonical is going after commercial interests. They have been with the
quite openly with the server release which makes much more sense with
their paid for control interface than stand alone. The desktop tries to
make everything full screen with no topbar (window decoration) that would
allow one to set it to the size they want. Unfortunately, this effects
things like Xubuntu installed on top of Ubuntu (this would mean Studio
too) Which I tried on my netbook because unity is so bad... If I wanted
someone to protect me from my own stuff I would have left M$ on here or
got a Mac. While I am sure there is a market for the "new Ubuntu",
Canonical seems to think choice is not an option.

Where does that leave Studio or Kubuntu or Xubuntu or all the others? It
looks like to install these on top of vanilla Ubuntu is going to take a
much more destructive action and mean no going back to the Ubuntu desktop.

As bad as people have said this release of Studio is... in my opinion, it
is still better than the desktop version. I think a plain Xubuntu install
is ok too... I'll know when I try it (gotta rescue my netbook somehow). My
other worry is what U server is going to do... I am running server LTS and
when the next LTS comes out I am not sure I will have enough control of it
without paying Canonical for the tools to do so or adding my own. Anybody
know of a derivative that builds on server for a better server? I can't
find the list any more as Canonical has deleted the links to get there.

Len Ovens

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